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Orchid Organizing helps busy professionals like you remove stress from your busy NYC life by creating an organized, functional space you are proud to show off!

When your home is cluttered, your mind is cluttered and it keeps you from living up to your full potential. 

We understand clutter is overwhelming and stressful. It's hard to know where to start! But that's where we come in - tell us about your project, hand over your stress and we will take care of it for you.

New York City, NY

Manhattan | Brooklyn | The Bronx | Queens | Staten Island 

Recognized in Our Savannah, GA Location

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Kate Waldo Jones is the Owner and Lead Organizer of Orchid Organizing. She is a Brooklyn, NY transplant from the sweet southern city of Savannah, GA.


Kate has always had an eye for order and the most effective way to use a space. She founded Orchid Organizing as a way to help others relieve stress from their busy lives by creating order in their homes and businesses. 

 Orchid Organizing has been recognized as the "Best of Savannah for Organizing Services" in our Savannah Location.


Kate is a proud member of the Inspired Organizer Network™.



"ORCHID ORGANIZING IS AMAZING!  It was 100% worth it, and I can't wait to have her back for more projects!" - MC

"I am so thankful I have [Orchid Organizing]. Everything looks so good. I would've just kept piling junk on top of junk." - AH

"Orchid Organizing worked a miracle with my closets. Now everything has a place. I can't wait to have them back to work on my kitchen!" - JR

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